Rpi not receiving midi devices

Hi there,

I just got an used rpi 3b and I manage to follow a tutorial to get all my attached devices on a hub, (4 devices) with 1 additional port for the keystep. Everything sync fine and I’m able to send and receive messages to the different devices. Then I change the port and notice that the hub is not detected on the other ports, only 1 of the ports seems to detect the hub. This is strange.

So I was wondering if there is a way to ‘turn on’ or off a usb port? Or is it a faulty rpi that I’ve acquired?

Hi, by ‘hub’ are you referring to a USB hub or Midihub? :slight_smile:

If it’s a USB hub, it may not have enough power to provide for all the attached devices. In that case, a powered USB hub would help.

thanks for reply.

yes I meant usb hub. Funny thing is that 2 of the ports works fine with the usb hub without any extra power. With these 2 ports, it detects the usb hubs and the keystep, not the other two. I guess there’s a fault with the rpi itself. Well for now it works. So i can leave it for now.

thanks for the reply!!

Hmm, it does sound odd. Btw, you may check out the official Raspberry Pi forums - any information there should be relevant to Patchbox OS too, as it’s itself based on Raspbian Lite.