Route incoming cc/nrpn to multiple midi channels simultaneously?


i’m looking to solve an issue when using a multitimbral synth as polyphonic source, controlled by a modern mpe controller (like linnstrument):

it happens when you want to edit your synth sound via its own panel - unfortunately touching the panel, as well as global controllers like sustain, only affect the currently selected multitimbral part/midi channel, but not all of them.

only solution is to put the knob panel into local off, transmit it out via midi, and have something multiply/copy it to all involved midi channels and sent back. then every part/voice will “hear” the edit.

i wonder if this is possible at this stage of midihub development, or perhaps feasible as future implementation ?

its important such routing would work for any type of midi data: midi cc, nrpn etc - i especially find nrpn interesting as many synths from past 20yrs (a6, dsi etc), use it to increase resolution beyond the 7-bit midi cc format.



So you’d like to copy the same data sent from the synth to all of 16 channels?