Rotor control in b_synth plugin

Hi all, for controlling the parameters of b_synth plugin the default-preset.ttl file list all program change among all functions. Mostly of them work as intended. However the Rotor stop, chorale and tremolo doesn’t seem to do anything to the sound.
When i send Program Change 52 (stop) 53 (chorale) and 54 (Tremolo) the b_synth respond echoing the Control Change message 91 with values 0, 32 and 64 so it seems to recognise the commands. But sound is the same… Any hint ?

BTW if i use the additional b_whirl plugin the motor speed stop, slow and fast are not midi mappable so i can’t control that effects.

Do someone have experience with b_synth ?
Tnx, Fabio.

@fcapozzi exactly which plugin are you using? Searching for b_synth in Patchstorage yields 37 plugins.

Unfortunately none ho the patchstorage list is the plugin i am referring to … however this is the info picture … i compiled myselt with mod-builder…

However i solved the problem … it seems that sending CC 91 value from 0 to 32 stop the motor, from 33 to 64 set slow motor and above 64 set fast motor, so i coded stop as 0 … slow as 40 and fast as 80 and now it works. Now i am serching for “overdrive” parameter … may the documentation is not so accurate or … the modep lv2 port is somewhat different. However this is a very nice tonewheel B3 organ emulator and i am surprised that only a few use it.

@fcapozzi glad you got it figured out! And yes…you might be the only person that I’ve heard who uses the setBfree plugins! So you compiled this one yourself? Can you upload to Patchstorage as well? If not, I can do that, just have to find the plugin in the builder.

Ok … i never uploaded a plugin in the Patchstorage site but i found instructions here. GitHub - patchstorage/patchstorage-lv2-uploader: Patchstorage LV2 Uploader
so I will give a try may be tomorrow.

About compilation i downloaded the docker mpb container and build all plugins on a machine running Ubuntu 22.04. I use patchbox on an Raspberry Pi 3B and the sefbfree organ emulator (aka b_synth) was among them.

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Upload to patchstorage done !!!

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@fcapozzi excellent!

I see that you uploaded the 32 bit image for raspberry pi only. Did the 64 bit arch and x86 versions not compile/upload properly?

I compiled only for raspberry PI3B 32bit that i have … i have a PI4 but i din’t install yet the patchbox 64 bit os
However i can try to cross-compile for other architectures but don’t know if i can test it …
Let le do some experiments … however in the container mpb1 you should find the source code

. I tried to compile for other platform but it seems that someting is missing…

in the mpb1 container the mod-plugin-builder have toolchain only for building in arm32 architecture.
the plugin build with. “./build setbfree”

So i cloned the git repository for mod-plugin-builder without container but only the
./build modduo setbfree. compilation end successful … the other like
./build raspberrypi4 setbfree or ./build x86_64 setbfree reports this error. Failed to find plugin installed bundles