RockBand 3 Keytar project

I found a RockBand 3 Keytar at Goodwill for $3 this week. It has a standard MIDI-out interface, so I was thinking when I get my pisound boards it could be fun to use a Pi w/ pisound as the synth engine for it. Use a portable cell-phone recharging battery and some strategic velcro and it could even be an ‘all-in-one’ just hookup the audio out and rock out 80’s style.

Does this sound do-able or am I setting myself up for a lot of time wasting?

Hey, yep, that sounds possible to do :slight_smile:

Great idea,

I bought a bargain Xbox360 Rock Band Keytar purely to use as a portable, battery-powered, MIDI keyboard, and the keys are surprisingly responsive!

The pitchbend/touchstrip isn’t worth bothering with - it works, but it’s not very useable.

Also, depending on the console variant of the keytar, you might be able to make use of whichever wireless protocol lies deep within the plastic. I have a microsoft wireless receiver dongle for my laptop :slight_smile:

How did you go with this project - any success?

Just got my pisound today and wondering which project to start first. I like your idea.

The Keytar and a Pi 3 with the PiSound board are sitting on my desk. Hopefully during the upcoming 3 day weekend I’ll get a chance to actually try it out.


Looking forward to this :slight_smile:
wishing you all the best, with wherever your musical journey takes you and whatever it makes you!