Rig Kontrol 3 with PatchboxOS

Hello. I am interested in using PatchboxOS on RPI to support a Rig Kontrol 3. There is a linux driver that supports this unit, but I am not sure if it is compiled into the Kernel already. The kernel module is ‘snd-usb-caiaq’.
There is a page on it from the ALSA wiki…


Does anyone have experience with Rig Kontrol on PatchboxOS? Any pointers or recommendations? I am not sure if this driver support both the sound card functionality and the Midi or one or the other. I am hoping to avoid building from source to try it out if I can.

Me too!!! Some time ago i tried to use Kontrol 3 with jack!
I was able only to use as audio card!!!
No midi…It will be wonderful to use it for midi too!!!

Check this out… It looks promising. I’ve installed it successfully, but have not managed to get the config set up to prove that it works. It is being actively worked on.
I’ve exchanged emails with the dev. He just does not have all the different hardware to verify support.

Yes, snd-usb-caiaq is built into the kernel. I have a rig-kontrol2 working on patchbox. I was having trouble getting it to work until I disabled the built in sound of the pi, then it was fine.

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Hello there. Here is what I did to make a RK2 work with MODEP Basically is a layer that grabs the output of the rk2 and converts it into MIDI msgs. I don’t know if it works for RK3, maybe it’s worth a try, with a little adjustment to the code to make it work with 8 footswitches.

Check it out: Hacking a RigKontrol 2 as a MODEP controller

Feel free to ask questions.

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