Retrokits RK-002 / Blokas MidiHub same possibilities?

Hey, first off all congrats to this awesome midi interface! I am thinking to buy this one, but before i have a question, but please take into consideration that i have not much experience with midi. I have a Zoom Sampletrak and want to achieve the same goal like in this video, is this also possible with the Blokas Midihub?



It can do all of that as far as I can tell. The one caveat is…You would need to learn MidiHub then build out all this functionality. IMO, if what you want to do is exactly what the video shows, why reinvent the wheel? The device and the programming is there and available. All the hard work has been done for you.

I looked into the RK-002 before I went with MidiHub and there are pros and cons to both. The biggest advantage MidiHub has over every other midi processing device is it’s ease of programming. It would definitely be much easier to build this functionality and especially tweak it in MidiHub than RK-002. IF you want that video functionality plus more and the ability to tweak it very very easily, MidiHub wins hands down. But if you want that exact functionality, going with the option already available seems more prudent.

One word of caution though. MidiHub does not handle sys ex, so if any that functionality requires any sysex messages to achieve control of certain Sample Trak parameters then MidiHub in that case wouldn’t be the best option. Otherwise MidiHub excels at handling all other messages and making it very easy to manipulate them.


@JoeyButters advice is pretty comprehensive.

My guess is a lot depends on whether you might be wanting to extend the functionality beyond your initial plans. Often “great, that works” is soon followed by “it would be also cool if it also did…”

Maybe you need to try it and see:

  • Get the RK-002 for €50+
  • but also download the Midihub Editor and have a play to see if it starts giving you new ideas
  • if you feel comfortable with the idea of building patches and RK-002 starts to feel limited sell it and upgrade

i have not much experience with midi

Midihub’s MIDI Monitor is a really useful tool allowing you to see exactly what’s going into and out of each pipe when Midihub is connected. This helps you demystify MIDI and move you beyond doing what the RK-002 let’s you do


Thanks JoeyButters & resonotter! I am searching for a flexible standalone midi interface with 4 IN & 4 OUT. The others which are interesting for me are iConnectivity mioXM & Conductive Labs MRCC 880 and i wanted to buy the RK-002 for my Zoom and then i found out about the Blokas MidiHub and thought it could be the best and cost-effective solution for everything i want.

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Oh yea, MidiHub is a clear winner. The beauty is, you can have your dedicating processing for the SampleTrak on 1 port, then still have 7 other ports (4 USB\3 DIN)that you can route or manipulate. Granted, you have a limit of 255 processing pipes but you can also change presets on the fly through midi if you really need to get crazy. 255 pipes is a pretty complicated patch though. Only the most daring push to that limit.


@aorta in most senses, I’d agree with Joey.
It’s worth noting, though, that the mioXM looks like it can act as a USB MIDI host too, so you can plug a USB controller directly into it rather than via a PC/Mac/rPi & patch to a Midihub USB input (A-D)

In most other ways, however, Midihub is head & shoulders above:

  • take the event filtering mentioned for mioXM. Superficially like Midihub, but when you look more closely, a mioXM filter just stops those events getting into the box.
    At all.
    With Midihub, on the other hand, you can filter out say ch10 notes in one pipeline, and deal exclusively with them in another.

  • “event processor” in the Midihub product description is true but too modest; think more “event creator and manipulator”. When users start to get their heads around the box they go from “does just what I want” → “oh wow, so i can…” → “f**king hell”

PS. Neither @JoeyButters nor I have any direct links with @Blokas, so we have no idea where the guys might go next (might be more in the Pisound or Midihub direction or “something completely different”)
Expect good support here, though!