Remap CC Channel depending on last Note played

I’m trying to remap an MPE synth to two separate non-MPE synths based off the note range.

What I’m missing is the ability to remap a CC message on a channel based on the last/current note being played on that channel.

It does not seem like there’s any ability to remap events based on other events aside from the limited macro functionality.

Hey @shayded, welcome to Midihub forum.

I have moved this to a new Support topic because, at first glance, this sounds like something already possible with Transform and Virtual Mappings†.
(Maybe Dispatcher too depending on what your incoming messages are)

Please provide some specific detail of:

  1. example Note On/Off & CC sequences IN
    (inc whether notes are overlapping, chords etc)
  2. desired sequences out

That way we can point you to a correct solution rather than send you up a blind alley!

† btw, it’s likely the answer will lie in a CC → CC Transform with a virtual mapped Channel Argument.
(The mapping will likely be created in each of your Note Range Filter lines, if that’s the route you’re taking)