Receiving Touch OSC

When i run

“oscdump 12101”

, i have this error :

patch@patchbox:~ $ sudo killall touchosc2midi
patch@patchbox:~ $ oscdump 12101
liblo server error 9904 in path (null): cannot find free port
Could not start a server with port 12101
patch@patchbox:~ $

If i run the same but with another port (10000 as example), i can receive messages but can’t use them to toggle pedal on or off.

messages :

e75d3301.72d5bee3 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.269859
e75d3301.7ba97e12 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.198147
e75d3301.8462d40a /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.150530
e75d3301.8d3c03bb /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.109611
e75d3301.960d887e /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.070057
e75d3301.9eaa8eb3 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.033885
e75d3301.a7407031 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.003823
e75d3301.affab10a /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/slider1 f 0.000000
e75d3305.3f737da5 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/toggle1 f 0.000000
e75d3309.b1385835 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/button1 f 1.000000
e75d330f.16bf22c0 /usr/bin/touchosc2midi/gridToggle2 f 1.000000

i don’t know what is wrong and how to switch thes OSC messages in MIDI messages?

Hi MikeFX, please provide more details - what program is sending these messages, and do you want the result to be MIDI?

It might be a service running that autorestarts in case the main process terminates. Try running:

systemctl status

then hit / key, type touchosc, and hit enter, it should go to any matching line, so you can see where the process comes from. You may also try to search for 12121, in case it got specified on command line for some process. The once you figure out the process name, a few lines above you should see the service name, you can run sudo systemctl stop name.service to stop it for now. It could be the service is modep-touchosc2midi.service.

Hi Giedrus,
Yes i want that the result to be MIDI CC.
My Android App is “OSC Controller”.
in this application i have to fill:
IP address:
Port: 12101
path: I filled in: /usr/bin/touchosc2midi
but i’m not sure i’m right.

The application itself needs to be set up to send particular OSC commands that gets recognized by touchosc2midi bridge, and then gets converted to MIDI.

You should look for an alternative app, like Touch OSC itself, I’ve seen a compatible free application, but can’t find it anymore.

Anyway, the mobile app itself has to be able to send particular OSC messages that touchosc2midi bridge understands. As you can see here, a single Touch OSC control can be set up to send different types of messages, it must be of MIDI type for it to be recognized and converted to MIDI.

If it helps, there is an app called Open Stage Control, where you can create your own midi controller template and use your computer as a host, and then open the app on your tablet via browser…

It works with midi/OSC and the options are limitless. If you will try and would need any help, send me a PM.

Hi Aleks,
It’s not a solution for me but I think it might help others.
My need is not to have to take out my midi pedalboard or my computer
when I practice at home.


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