Raspbian Stretch

Still waiting for my pisound to arrive but pretty excited about the Stretch release. Have people been using it with our favourite Lithuanian HAT? Any issue? How’s the Sonic Pi integration?

Just in time! I’ll try that out later!

a little link for those looking

Now with Pd 0.47.1 and Ardour 5!


Ive got installed , and running with pisound

as its new, perhaps we should collect a list of whats working or issues
heres my list so far:

  • pisound as soundcard, fine tested with pd

  • pisound_btn - single click, as per other thread , need to use -nogui, allow root access to x11 or scripts as ‘pi’

  • pisound_btn - double click, fine

  • pisound_btn - triple click, wifi hotspot, fine, as long as you dont have a wifi point already active

  • pisound_btn - shutdown, fine

  • my other hardware - wireless keyboard mouse, waveshare 7" touchscreen, both fine

  • pure data 0.47 - fine

  • purr data (pd-l2ork) , you can install with dpkg and it works, but it creates broken dependancies due to libgsl0ldbl not being installable. I guess they will update purr data at some point(!?)

(note: id not been using this stuff much before, so perhaps these errors exist outsides of raspbian stretch)


Another thing I’ve noticed is that if you disable Wi-fi for some reason (choosing wi-fi off from the panel icon) the triple click doesn’t work. But I guess was the same with previous versions of Raspbian.

i am going to wait a few weeks or maybe just make a stretch stick and see what shakes, thanks technobear for the caveats