Range for mapping

Some controllers do not allow setting the range of pot or fader
Could be handy if Map settings have such a feature ,so you could set range and Midihub scales incoming data automaticaly ,also with reverse option.
min - > max ,so incoming e.g.128(or any)values are in min,max range and scaled to it

e.g. Min 60 max 34 ,incoming 0-127 is scaled to 60 → 34 range

Just like „maxlib/scale” in PureData

Hah or better yet ,possibility of complete map of incoming data,but i guess that would require too much memory…

This is now much easier with virtual mappings introduced by 1.14.0 Beta (recently updated to 1.14.1)

Having used 1.14 for a bit now, I’ve adopted a practice of using a line or two to set up all my “modified mappings” and ending those lines with a Virtual (say H) which I reserve solely as a “mapping source”.
(Often this Virtual will not appear as a Virtual-IN , which simplifies things massively elsewhere (No need for Filters as in “message event” pipelines.))

I’d assume your suggestion would involve adding an In|Out Low|High ranges (much like Remap/Rescale) in the Add/Edit dialog box. Would values outside the In Range be clipped (cf Rescale) or discarded (cf Remap)?

PS. Your other recent requests have got similar topics elsewhere. I’ll add links to them if & when…


that is correct


clipped (cf Rescale) or discarded (cf Remap)?

“discarded” would be interesting (split mapping ranges an the like)

o bloody hell yes!!!
maybe to have both options
so you mean that one knob controls many things?
e.g. 1,20-tempo 1,30-lfo depth 15,40-lfo speed etc… yessssssshhhhhhhhh

yep, that’s the idea.

This would currently be achieved in 1.14 with a series of Replace Transforms creating virtual mappings.

IMO – if Blokas went down the route of a more detailed Add/Edit box – it would be natural “maybe to have both options”, with Clip as being the default as that’s likely the most common usage.

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maybe as well with WRAP option
or WRAP to be new separate PIPE

But basically Rescale pipe implemented in Mapping

i forgot that it is possible now to map form Virtual port,so all scaling and so on can be done

still could be nice to have that in map menu directly