Random pipe - how does it work

Hi guys. Trying to understand the Random pipe. I have been trying to use it to no avail.

I have it set up to operate on CC, in a pipeline from a Virtual port, after a couple of LFO pipes set to CCs, and before a Channel Remap pipe.

The manual describes it modulating ‘incoming’ data by random high and low values. But like the LFO Active mode, I dont understand the meaning of ‘incoming’.

Can someone describe a typical use case for the random pipe
Many thanks.

it does not modulate per se. It’s only going to randomly change the value of your midi input one time only. If it’s set to velocity the note coming in will randomly be assigned a value within your high low range. Nothing else happens until another note comes in. If you want to humanize midi, or put it after an arp and randomize velocity or pitch, or you have a cc button that only sends one value but you want variation in your CC value.

That’s just a small sampling of what you can do. The real fun comes when using it in loopbacks and randomizing mapped parameters.

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Thanks Joey. Thats another interesting rabbit hole for me to fall down.

Now if you can get Blokas to cut/paste your explanation above into the manual it will improve the manual by 100%


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One of the nice aspects of the Positive, Negative properties is that the same CC when mapped to them moves + and - the same amount.


I’m currently designed the velocity range of some drum sounds,
I’m using a Rescale to clamp the velocities down to just a single value if I want, then the mapped Random to spread out how much fluctuation between beats I want to get just the sound range I’m aiming for.

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