Random notes generator - scale problem

Hi everyone !

Enjoying my Midihub. I generate random notes with random LFO, harmonies, chance pipe, dispatcher, etc. So cool, so fun !

Everything works fine except one pipe : scale pipe.
Because I’m not a dodecaphonic guy, I put a scale pipe for a minor scale (some degrees are mapped if I need to). Some times it works fine, scale pipe doing his job. But most of the time, it’s too much of a job. It gets stuck on G and D (though at different octaves).

I’ve tried a few things. As I don’t understand the “transpose C to Base” I click that thing and it works fine for a few seconds and it get stuck again on G and D.

In order to show you this issue, I tried to upload my patch but it seems I can’t. Here’s a few screenshots :
Capture d’écran 2023-09-05 à 23.02.02

You can see that some of theses notes should be played but it discards them all except for G and D…

Thanks for your help !

I think it might be to do with what Giedrius explained here

btw, dunno why you can’t upload, I thought it was only very new users who didn’t have that access…

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Well. First I’d like to thank you for caring. I think the issue is because of harmonizer. If I bypass this harmonize pipe, scale pipe seems alright ! maybe it doesn’t like too much data…

Oops ! answer too fast. Problem not solved. Even without harmonizer, with an additional chance pipe placed just after LFO+transformer pipes (for having less data in the pipeline) scale gets stuck on Gs and Ds…

try posting up your patch again (either here or in a message to me) and I’ll take a quick look.
My guess is the answer will fit with G’s design of Scale Remap…

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Try this version of your simplified patch


As a problem solving (/identifying!) experiment:

  • I’ve added a Length pipe with the length set just shorter than your 16hz noise rate (1/16 = 0.0625 =c62ms)

  • all notes should go through Scale Remap

  • now try decreasing your LFO depth (more duplicate notes)
    and increasing the Length length (note more likely to duplicate before counterpart gets a Note_off)

  • watch your Scale Remap get “clogged up” until you click Transpose C to Base again to clear it

This illustrates Giedrius design of the pipe.

So your patch will require a bit of a redesign to stop this

PS, you might want to try making your own Sample&Hold instead of using noise…
here’s some discussion and different approaches