Push 3 and MIDIhub connection

Push3 is not here yet for me so I am just checking to see if I can connect my MIDIhub to Push3s USB output to power it and also send MIDI from Push to the 4 MIDIhub output ports via the same USB connection without needing to also connect a MIDI din cable.

I know this can be done on the Rk006, but not sure on the Midihub. Pretty sure this should be doable, and then in the MIDIhub app I just set USB as the source and send it to all 4 outputs. Appreciate any info. Would be a really simple and clean hookup if it works!

I see Push 3 has a USB A port, if it acts as a proper USB host, it should just work. If it’s only for hosting MIDI and does not support the rest of the USB device classes, then the Editor might not connect, as it uses USB Serial communication, however, in that case, MIDI should still work in such setup. Also you can always simply connect the Midihub to your PC or laptop directly. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. The editor working is not even needed, as long as it can power itself and send MIDI I am good to go. I have no problem connecting the Midi hub to my laptop when I need to edit it.

Main goal is to power it via Push’s USB and also send MIDI from the Push out of it. I am pretty sure that will work.

It should. :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes!

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The Push 3 should definitely work for this. This thread over at Elektronauts talks about it at various points.

I’m not sure about power over usb. I do know that ppl are using the APC40 MKII with it over standalone. So that’s a good sign. For what its worth, I control my Digitakt with my P3S over usb and it works great.

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