Programatically get/set MODEP parameters

I don’t know if it’s a duplicate question, but I could not find any consistent answer to this, so I’m opening a new topic.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to get (and possibly set) parameters in MODEP. I mean: pedalboard name, list of plugins in the current pedalboard, bypass state of every single pedal, list of exposed pedals parameters and their values, and so on… I tried to connect to the mod-host sockets, but I couldn’t get through to it. It seems that parameters are only addressable in interactive mode, which is not the case.

Any clue?

The mod-ui and mod-host may be having an exclusive connection to each other, so they don’t respond to other communication. The pedals themselves are instance of LV2 plugins. I think you should be able to try to access them directly using some LV2 library, like liblibv, as suggested in this topic: TouchOSC + Modep - Toggles and presets. Make sure to set the LV2_PATH to be able to see the same lv2 plugins.

Also check out this script:, it does some web requests to get and set information through mod-ui.

See for the registered URL endpoints.

Thank you Giedrius!

Another question… Is OSC support only available through touchosc2midi or does MODEP enable a full OSC environment?

It does not support it natively.

Too bad. :expressionless:

Thanks again!