Program Change (transform pipe) to include MSB/LSB

Some devices have several banks to choose from (using MSB/LSB controllers), after which the program change will be selecting the correct program from that bank.
Currently, MidiHub cannot add these two extra parameters (MSB/LSB) to a Program Change (if f.e. you want to transform a Control Change into a Program Change).

You can do that using a couple of Transform pipes - one for producing a bank select CC, another one for Program Change itself. This would be a little bit similar to conversion to CC NRPN, as shown here:

Hi Giedrius, thanks for answering this on X-mas eve! I would like to use this type of pipe, with the sending of 1 CC (instead of 2 that are required here for changing them to MSB and LSB).
My Footcontroller (FC300 by Roland), sends out only 1 CC per pedal (in CC-mode). Because there is no setting on the pedalboard that enables both Program Change and Control Change across the pedals, I need to be able to change a single CC message (like 85), to a fully spec’d Program Change, including bank selection (MSB/LSB). I take it from some other answers that you are thinking about implementing a more elaborate Transform pipe, that would include ability to add multiple events to a single trigger event. I hope this could be one of them.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hey, you can actually do it since 1.13.0 version - the Transform pipe now includes a way to set the input data range the processing triggers on, you just have to use multiple Transform pipes to convert a single CC into 2 or more messages.

How many such program remappings do you think you’ll need?

That’s cool, thanks. I was not yet able to get the 1.13.0 app running smoothly, because of a bug with selecting a CC-pipe (which I have a lot of). I logged this bug, and so have some others. But I will check it out once that bug is squashed!
I think I will need two of those remappings, to have a Korg Kronos and a TC-Helicon VoiceLive go to a preferred patch, with one stomp on the footcontroller.
Maybe I can even combine them both to the same CC (so a program change on the midi channel of the Korg, and one for the midi channel of the VoiceLive). Would be great!