Problem with USB bluetooth compliant devices Fishman Triple Play

Not ultra sure if this thread belongs 100% here on PiSound, yet I need help!
I am using a Fishman Triple Play on a RPi with PiSound.
As I thought this is a USB-midi-bluetooth class compliant device, it should work without any software or problems, yet it does not connect.
The strange thing is that this device works on a axeloti core

Anyone with ideas how to tackle this puppy/problem?
Greetings, Ewoud

With it connected to USB, what output do you get from amidi -l?

Hi, nice to get a response so fast!
Actually today it suddenly works! The device connects and receives midi!
The only issue I’m experiencing right know is that the command line amidi -l does not work. I guess because this “curl | sh” installation command did not work: I always get this:
Importing Blokas GPG public key…

dd: unknown operand status

Adding Blokas apt repository…

dd: unknown operand status

Updating package list…

sudo: apt-get: command not found

Installing Pisound software…

sudo: apt-get: command not found

Updating /usr/local/pisound…

sh: line 0: cd: /usr/local/pisound: No such file or directory

Now you may run ‘sudo pisound-config’ to customize your installation!

ewoudve@MacBook-Pro-van-Ewoud-2 ~ %

Also forgot to add: I share my internet through a ethernet CAT6 connection with my laptop and the wifi it’s getting (iphone hotspot). Normally the Pi has internet, but I thought it would be good to tell this point here.

Got the trick through this thread:

It looks like you’re executing commands on your MacBook, you should run them on the Raspberry Pi itself. Look at some options, including using ssh, here: First Run Options - Patchbox OS Documentation