Problem with ORAC remote PD client [solved]


Orac looks great, I’ve installed it using PatchBox on a Raspberry Pi. I’m getting the drum machine, so that’s good. I’ve not bought a PiSound at the moment, but if it works that looks the next step.

However, when trying to run the remote Pd client I get this error message below (or rather, lots of the same). I checked that routeOSC.dll exists in that externals folder. What is the fix? Thanks for any help.

C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Pd\OscClients\pd\externals\routeOSC.dll: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.
 routeOSC /$1Desc

Just to add, I read all the startup instructions and the videos. I’d respectfully suggest that the step of how to connect the configuration interface to the ORAC server ought to be included somewhere - just one line :smile: You know - this is the interface running on Pd on my remote PC/Mac, and here’s a link to the client files.

Problem solved - the DLLs are for Win32 I found out. So had to install and run the 32 bit version of Pure Data, now it connects.

I’m not complaining - ORAC looks like a great bit of work, thank you. But I’m a long-in-the-tooth software engineer and used to chasing things around in Linux. These minor startup issues will be a barrier to adoption for people.

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