Problem with Bank Select on Kawai 5000 with Deluge

I have a specific layout of the Bank Select command on my Kawai K5000S as shown in the picture and try to realize it with my Deluge which has Banks and Sub Banks but can`t get it to work.

On Kawai
A Bank: red
D Bank: green
Multi: blue

On Deluge
Bank Select: red
Sub Bank Select: blue

Do you mean you have to translate the bank and sub bank numbers between Deluge and Kawai 5000?

I just want to be able to select not only the programs but also the banks from my Kawai 5000 on my Deluge.
And I guess it’s only possible with the Sub Bank feature as this sends two CC’s which the 5000 demands for Bank Select.
(The Bank command seems to be to simple for that?)

Thx for your help

Do you know what sort of messages Deluge expects to make it happen?

I think it is all in the pictures, first what kawai sends, second what Deluge sends (of course in my case Deluge sends and Kawai receives, because I want to change programs and banks from my deluge on the kawai)

Am I understanding this correctly @racecube Eddy?

  1. You want to send messages from Deluge to Kawai to change Banks on Kawai

  2. Kawai expects to receive 3 messages of form:
    Ch x CC 0 value v
    Ch x CC 32 value 0
    Ch x PC p

  3. but Deluge only gives you option to send either
    Ch x CC 0 value v
    Ch x PC p
    (ie no CC 32)

    or, in SUB bank mode,
    a 5 message batch (which presumably the Kawai doesn’t understand)?

If this is the case...

and the Kawai always only wants CC 32 value 0, then the solution may be an Insert After Transform:

to place a “CC32=0” after “CC0=v”

(If this proves to place the CC32 after the PC, then you’ll need a Before “CC0=v” → “CC0=v” and the above Transform changed to Replace)

If, however, the Kawai sometimes wants a non-zero CC 32 value…

Apologies if I’ve missed the point entirely!

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With all your help I did it finally and the solution is much easier than thought: I work with the subbank feature from the deluge but from 100 up to 103.
As subbank 100 is the Kawai bank A, 101 is the Kawai bank Multi and 102 is the Kawai bank D.
Now I want to put it in the right order (A,D,Multi instead of A,Multi,D) and maybe redirect it to Deluge subbank 1,2,3 and I guess I will fiddle about this on these long dark autumn evenings.

Big THX for your help!

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