Pro or consumer?

Hi there. Can you tell me if pisound’s output is professional line level (+4dBu) or consumer (-10dBV)?

The Pisound’s output is Line Level, +0dBV.

There are two line levels - professional and consumer. Which is it?

Ok, I’ve just measured the output of 1000Hz Sine Wave at full volume, it was 1.625V RMS / +6.44dBu / +4.23dBV, so above professional line level. Using the volume potentiometer you could bring it down to +4dBu.

The spec you list on your website says the Pisound does 2.1V RMS output at 1kohm. What I was looking for was confirmation that this is consumer level. What I’ve gleaned from your responses so far is that you don’t know. Please can you find out for sure and get back to me?

Thats a good one :person_facepalming::ok_hand::wink:

It’s professional line level, as the measurements show, the output is much louder than -10dBV.