Preventing note cutoffs- Dispatcher

I’m using the dispatcher to separate notes of a chord to different pipelines. I have a mapping going to the dispatcher to reset the cycle.

A problem I am encountering is that a mapping event in the Dispatcher pipe triggers a note off for every note held and channel. So pressing a note or chord 1, then holding chord 2, then releasing chord 1, chord 2 will stop instantly with chord 1.

I’ve tried a note off filter behind the dispatcher, then mapping triggers to other pipes on each individual channel that send out all note offs on a mapped event, but I’m still getting the same behavior. Is there a easy workaround to overcome this? Everything I tried ends up in missing note offs and stuck notes or other generally undesirable behavior.

The chord 2 is turned off after you release chord 1 and trigger the mapping to reset the counter?

Yes. Every note held in the Dispatcher will receive a note off whenever a mapping is triggered. So if holding 10 notes and letting 1 go, that triggers the mapping and all 10 notes get sent a note off.

I can filter out all note offs messages and then trigger note offs at the end of the pipeline. The issue preventing me from working around that behavior is specifying which notes off to trigger. I can use a mapped transform cycle to send a note off to a specific note based on value=note number, but this can only work with single notes as pressing a chord will only put out 1 value of course.

Edit: It just occurred to me that adding a arp at the start of the transform note=value loop may work to delay and specify each value but timing would likely be an issue.

It’s possible to trigger arpeggiator manually, maybe this would be useful for your idea: Is this possible: Take pitch from 1st and note on/off from 2nd midi channel? - #8 by Giedrius

Hmm, this maybe just what I need. Playing with transform and delays and sustain to clock I have found different ways to move the arp but each with their own drawbacks. I may be able to use this directly after a dispatcher per channel to avoid some drawbacks I’m having with the arp and delay pipes. Thanks for the push.

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