Premidi or global transpose option

Hello Community,

I have a working midi setup with 244 objects.
Is there a way to set up a global Transpose object with CC control that globally controls single objects already contained?



hey b.t
not sure what “244 objects” means (presumably things in software that produce or receive MIDI?)

if you’re controlling Transpose by CC mapping then you could have many of them in different pipelines responding to the same CC. That way you only need to merge streams when nec for other reasons

If this is what you want, a useful trick would be:

  • set the mapping for a Transpose in an otherwise empty line
  • ctl-click and choose Duplicate Whole Pipeline (with Mappings)
  • repeat
  • drag the mapped Transpose pipes where you want them
  • delete the chaff

thanks for quick respone. your trick is useful but im not far away from 256 limit of pipes. i wanted one pipe rule them all.



SO “244 objects” = 244 pipes?
maybe upload your mega-patch in case anyone can see a way to do your Transposes?

Hello resonotter,

sorry for late response but my setup is not near to me so i cant send now.

maybe i will make another workaround for that with preset changing over ProgramChange command.
so each Preset have different already transposed settings.

my question is:
can i build note to programmchange in every preset so for example hit note c7 the Preset is changing forward and note b6 backward?



Yes, just one line.
Make it as a separate file then just use FileAppend from File... to add it to each preset in turn.
(then you’d just change what the B6|C7 are pointing to in each Preset)

PS. If you want a 2nd pair of eyes on your big patch, feel free to Message me with it…

hello resonotter,

could you make simple pipeline example for that task. Yesterday i tried but could not get a working solution for preset change with hit note c2 for example.
in midi monitor i get programm change but nothing happens.



My apologies, b.t, wasn’t sufficiently awake; this is only possible with a physical-loopback
which is currently necessary to feedback your PC-out back as a PC-in.

This involves:

a physical cable as in image here or…
if you are using USB in performance, a USB-out patched back to a USB-in.

IF you wanted go this route and it’s not obvious how to set it up I’ll knock it out for you.
Just tell me:

  1. Note Numbers (ViewNote Value Display) for Down|Up
  2. Which OUT and IN you will have for loop (if it’s USB you can still use it for other stuff, DIN obviously ties up 2 ports unless you can daisy-chain)

it would be
so 6 pipes
FILTER[1] allow only note_on
FILTER[2] allow only PC

You may not want or be able to use that strategy so sorry for raising your hopes.
Still happy to look at your patch to see if there’s a single-preset-transpose solution.

Note to Pgm Change.mhp (425 Bytes)

hello resonotter,

alright an physical-loopback cable from Midi Out D to Midi In D.
How to program correct to avoid feedback on port D ?

In attachement i put an example. Could you look into it.
How can i switch with two notes for example c2 and d2 forward and backward ?

Does every preset has its own prg change number ?
for example preset 1 = pgm change 1 and last preset 8 = pgm change 8 so does this means i need to reserve 8 notes to switch every preset ?



take a look at these 2 pipelines, b.t:
Bilo_Note>PCh_2versions.mhp (505 Bytes)

  1. keeps your Ch Filter and assumes you’ll always be playing on Ch1
  2. uses any channel and transforms to ch16.PC

Does every preset has its own prg change number ?

Yes, I’ve set this one for Preset 1 (UP → 2, DOWN → 8)

Both Filter all but PC

“my Bad” again; above shd be

so 6 pipes
FILTER[1] allow only note_on
FILTER[2] allow only PC

Now you’ve learned to First Rule of Loopbacks the hard way

this is better than above
Bilo_Note>PCh_2versions_v2.mhp (472 Bytes)

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hello resonotter,

much thanks for your support now i have a working solution :hugs:.