Powering Pisound/Rpi with a USB battery

I’m toying with the idea of powering the headless Rpi with a USB smartphone charger battery like this:

Does anybody have any experience with it? Will that even work? How much power does the Rpi/Pisound combo draw?

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Yeah, I’ve tried and it works IF it can supply enough current. The rPI3 really needs 2.5a depending on what you have attached.

I had warnings and some issues using 2a, so this maybe borderline, but worth a try if you can return ?!

I’ve seen a bunch that go around 30-40€ that can deliver up to 4.5A, which seems like something that should be ok. How long did a 1000mAh battery last in your tests?

But yeah I guess testing and returning if it doesn’t work seems like a good option! :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of these

I’ve been using it to power my Organelle as well as charge devices

Just tested it with the rPi3+/PiSound - ssh’d in and fired up supercollider and connected remotely and played a couple of sine waves through my computer sound interface - all working great!

no idea of battery length but it’s pretty decent with my organelle