Power supply - minor issue :)

Hi there

I’m using a Maplin L06BR power supply (set to 9v) to power the Pisound/Pi. It works fine, the only slight issue is that the connector is a bit loose in the socket on the PS. If I move it too quickly it pulls out about half way and the Pi reboots - not ideal! The L06BR comes with a number of different tips, but the one I’m using is the best fit.

I tried a 9v effects pedal multi supply which works fine, but has the same problem.

Anyone got a suggestion for a supply which fits snugly?

Also - I used the PS as part of my set up for a gig last week and it worked great. I had 3 Pd patches on 3 USB sticks and was switching between them during the performance without any problems.




We are using this one without any issues: http://www.tme.eu/en/details/ge24i09-p1j/mains-power-supplies/mean-well/ :slight_smile:

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