Power raspberry pi from 14-pin header

The two pins on the side of the potentiometers of the 14-pin header of the pisound are ground and 5V connected to respective pins on the 40-pin header of the Pi. Though, the trace leaving from pin 2 of the 40-pin header, which is 5V, is much thicker than the trace leaving from the 5V pin of the 14-pin header.

I guess the 14-pin header is there to provide access to available GPIO pins of the raspberry pi, without needing to interfere with the 40-pin header, right? In this case, is it OK to power up the Pi through the 5V pin of the 14-pin header of the pisound, or is its trace not capable of providing the necessary current for the system to run?
Long question short, will I damage my Pi and pisound if I power them up from the 14-pin header?

The trace that goes to the 14 pin header is 0.3mm wide, so it’s not suited for powering the entire system. I guess it’d be best to hook up to the +5V pins on the Raspberry’s 40 pin header