Power for Midihub

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I’m trying to figure out an solution for powering the midihub (which I have yet to order), when using it in standalone mode.

Take an regular USB A - USB B cable, cut to length, keep USB B side and solder an male DC barrel connector in other end (to be powered from a pedal power distribution)?

Or use an USB A breakout board, solder an DC female jack to the breakout end. Use an normal USB A - USB B cable.

There are pro’s and con’s in both scenarios above.

Other solutions?

I just use a usb hub connected with an iPhone charger for my usb powered synths and midihub i think. It’s all behind my piano in a mess so I can’t confirm exactly. Works great as long as the usb cables are good and don’t produce hum.

For my portable rigs I just use a power bank with dual outputs.

This wouldn’t work without adding a regulator, as Pedals use different voltage than USB.

You may instead just use any USB phone charger which comes without a USB cable directly attached to it, so you can just connect a USB-A <-> USB B cable and power Midihub from it.

If you really want to have a custom solution for this, make sure the output voltage is 5V DC and that it is capable of providing at least 100mA of current.

Thanks I am aware of that regarding voltage. And admittedly I had to spend some time in my search, but finally:

Port number 2 (adjustable down to 5V and 100mA). I need power distribution to several pedals anyway so this unit seems to fit them all in its specs including a midihub.

I’ve given this thought some consideration back and forth. I think it would be best to have an breakout bord with DC input jack and USB-A jack. Then it’s all typical cables both ways that are easy to replace if any of them gets damaged.

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My MIDI Hub is underneath my pedalboard (for guitar and bass). My board is powered by Strymon (1x Zuma and 3x Ojai). One of those ports powers a One Control USB Porter:

I realize this is specific to pedalboards and may not apply to your situation, but just throwing it out there.

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Thanks! It’s always good to be aware of alternatives.

I do plan to use the midihub on my pedalboard (guitar), hopefully to have it to do some pseudo pedalsteel imitation. The sound of pedalsteel is so mesmerizing, but playing such a instrument is very different from a ordinary guitar.

It’s expensive but I wanted to add alternatives for anyone out there who might have a similar thought/problem:

And another one:

My original problem is not so much of a problem any longer.

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