Power button wonky

The power button on my MIDIHub is starting to flake. When I turn it on, I have to sort of press down and to the right and wiggle until it catches. I’m really afraid it’s going to just stop working and I have two gigs coming up in a couple weeks that depend on it.

I’m not very handy and don’t even own a soldering iron but was curious if this is something that I might be able to fix myself? Any tips appreciated.

It should be replaced if it’s malfunctioning. Once you have time for it, you may send the device to us for repair, or get a skilled friend or shop do it for you.

The power switch does not have to be used to power down the Midihub - you may simply unplug the power and it’s totally fine, it’s there more for the convenience if users keep the USB always connected to some sort of power source.

The switch simply connects or disconnects the 5V power supply from USB to the rest of the system. In a critical situation where the switch fails and there’s no time for a proper repair, the center pin and the pin closest to the MIDI ports can be shorted together to bypass the switch altogether.

By the way, this is the switch Midihub uses: 1101M2S3ABE2 C&K | Switches | DigiKey

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Don’t want to risk a part not arriving on time but I do have a friend that is handy. Might go ahead with the “critical situation” solution just for piece of mind. It’s not much harder to connect/disconnect USB vs flipping the switch. Either that or I pray it will hold up and make sure I have a backup plan for the worst case scenario. Will have to think about this one. Thanks for the help.