Possible to use PiSound as sample bank?

I’m curious if there is existing software that would allow the PiSound to play samples triggered by midi key presses? Currently I’m not wanting to add any processing to the samples just assign say Sample-A to C-5 and Sample-B to B-5 and assign the sample to either audio L or Audio R.

Hey! Check out http://www.samplerbox.org/ and @marccobe suggestions in this post: Using pisound to do a SamplerBox

It is possible to get it running with Pisound, let us know if you hit any issues in setting it up. :slight_smile:

Thanks, on my way to check that out. If it all looks like it will work for me I’ll think about ordering one. That $65 shipping is killer though. Right now in the US we don’t know when or if the government is going to shut down again and this time it could take the post office with it as well as several other services. That said UPS is the only reliable option. Even FedEx is gov subsidized now that they handle large portions of the USPS mail transport.

I’m going to try to see if I can get a few friends interested so maybe we can split the shipping.

Yeah, UPS shipping to US is costly, but it’s pretty fast too - usually it takes only 2 business days to deliver.