Possible to use midi interface while using audio interface?

Hey all.

I am using two synthesizers in Ableton that I want to record and read different unique midi channels at the same time.

Ex: One of the synths will be used for Bass and the other will be used for chords.

I would also like to record the audio that the synths are processing.

Is it possible to configure the settings in my DAW to connect to the midi interface and the audio interface at the same time?

Hey, sure, use the I/O section of the mixer to set up which MIDI channels and devices are listened to by the synths, and you may configure Audio tracks to record Audio From another track, then arm multiple tracks for recording (hold Cmd / Ctrl), and record away. :slight_smile:

Ok but I first need to connect the device in the preferences so that it appears in the I/O mixer right?

I though you can only select one audio engine?

Hey, you didn’t mention what exact hardware you’re using. Normally, you should use only one soundcard for audio purposes in the DAW, but you can use multiple external MIDI devices without any problems, just configure them in the MIDI section of the Ableton’s preferences.

In theory, it should be ok to plug in say 2 USB sound cards each with MIDI port support, use one of them for audio, and both of them for MIDI.

I am using a korg minilogue and a novation mininova with a scarlett 4i4 audio interface that has 2 midi ports.

I can use the usb connection for midi but when I start using sequencers like the elektron digitakt I’ll need the midi hub. I guess I can configure the midi interface in the same place as I configured the usb midi connection.

That should be fine. :slight_smile: