Porting arduino midi code


Hello! I’m very excited for this project as someone who already writes MIDI processing code in Arduino. Are there any forseen difficulties bringing over code written based around this library? https://github.com/FortySevenEffects/arduino_midi_library . If its just arduino one just needs to make sure the serial ports are set up correctly right?

I’m also curious if these boards use a separate serial output between the USB and MIDI? One struggle I’ve found developing Arduino MIDI processing is you can’t print-debug when the USB serial is the same as the MIDI serial. Currently I use a MEGA board to tap into a separate serial line.

Lastly, how feasible is to attach breakout boards such as https://www.adafruit.com/product/1085 ?



Hey! The MIDI library should be usable with Midiboy. The DIN-5 ports use the Serial and MIDI over USB is using our USBMIDI library. USBMIDI implement sthe Stream interface, so I think the MIDI library should be able to work with it.

You could use DIN-5 MIDI Out to send any Serial data, as long as you have something to receive it at and display it, while still using it as USB MIDI device.

It would be a bit inconvenient - the ATmega328P pins themselves are at the top side of the board, and there’s no headers or header holes where wires could be attached. And most of the pins in this version are already used, see the v1.0 Schematic here.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll likely pick one up soon, its such a nice self-contained package :slight_smile:

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