Poly spread 12 voices to 2 channels, is it possible?

Say you have two identical 6-voice synths, and you would like to merge them into one 12-voice synth.

The way I imagine this is:

You use a poly-spread type algorithm. Normally that would send each voice to a different midi channel, so you can use multiple mono synths, one for each voice.

In this case, I would like to use poly-spread to spread the notes over 12 midi channels, but then I want the signal to be filtered. One output should pass channels 1-6 and the other output should pass channels 7-12. Then after that, each output needs to have all its channels merged before going out.

So the output stream with channels 1-6 merges all notes to channel 1, and the other stream merges all its channels to channel 2.

Then one synth can listen on channel 1 and the other on channel 2.

Is this possible with the Midihub?

Sure, do it like this:

Poly-12 to 2 channels.mhp (393 Bytes)

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Awesome, thank you!