Poll: Blue PCB or White PCB for Midiboy?


  • Blue
  • White

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Hey guys, help us decide on which color to use for Midiboy! :slight_smile:

Midiboy started out as a personal project, at the time named Midimon, for MIDI data monitoring and debugging that turned into a neat Arduino compatible DIY kit which should get released pretty soon now! During the development, it turned out that the hardware that was used for the kit was really close to Arduboy, so the project got the new name. Porting the games to run on Midiboy seems to be as easy as rebuilding the game’s source code for Midiboy board and uploading it via USB.

It has DIN-5 MIDI Input and Output ports and a USB port, it can act as a THRU box as well as a USB MIDI interface for the PC, it can show the data that’s flowing through the device, can forward the Input to Output as is, apply some filtering / effect, even generate MIDI etc… Whatever is implemented in the Arduino Sketch that’s uploaded, the source code will be open source!

So let us know which PCB color you think is looking better!

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cute, and a nice idea…
midi monitors are so handy… and a ‘dongle’ that can potentially alter than data definitely useful.

is it battery powered? or bus powered? (can tell if the circle is a battery or a speaker )

hmm, and now i want an ardboy too :wink:



It is 9V battery powered, or via USB if it’s connected. The circle is the speaker. :slight_smile:

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oh, yeah I can see the outline on the top board now :slight_smile:
cool, battery power for ‘diagnostic tools’ is always useful

wow, just noticed its going to have proper din plugs, I thought you’d have to use 3.5mm adapters given the size constraints.

when you do you think you’ll start shipping?



When fully assembled it is 10cm x 6.5cm x 3cm, slightly smaller than Midihub.

I think we can start shipping the kits within 2 or 3 months, you know what they say about the last 10% of work. :smiley:

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cool, if you need a guinea pig to build one, and proof read kit instructions etc, give me a shout.
(I’ve built a few DIY eurorack kits and other things… that worked, so not a soldering expert, but i guess competent :slight_smile: )