[Plugins] No plugins at fresh new install?

I installed PatchboxOS with MODEP on my Raspberry Pi 4 with a HifiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro hat.
This works great but i see no plugins available… I clicked the patchstorage and installed some plugins from there to test.

I have been reading the following:
At the moment MODEP image comes with 316 LV2 plugins ranging from synths to heavy guitar distortion plugins. You can find the complete list here.

Can somebody explain why the default plugins are not available ? I really would like to have the Guitarix plugins.
Maybe i can download them manually ?

The reason they are not installed by default is they are moving the plugins to be hosted in Patch Storage. That way you can just download what you want in the future.

However in the same thread where they announced Modep 1.12 there is a post on how to install all the previous plugins locally:

sudo apt install modep-lv2-*
sudo cp -r /usr/modep/lv2/* /var/modep/lv2
sudo chown -R modep:modep /var/modep/lv2
sudo chmod -R 775 /var/modep/lv2

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Thank you that worked perfect.


@epicguitarboss more plugins are now available on Patchstorage, see here - [Plugins] Only 73 plugins available in modep - #6 by Pranciskus