[Plugins] MOD Audio to CV Plugin

So tonight I tried to compile and upload the mod-audio-to-cv.lv2 plugin. It seemed to compile okay but when I ran the uploader’s prepare command for this plugin it reported an invalid license. So I dug into this and see that the uploader is looking for a doap:llicense value in the plugin’s ttl file but it’s missing. So I see in MOD audio’s repository that file has the doap:license line:

doap:license “GPL v2+”;

So I added this line to the tll file in the builder folder and re-ran the build. The file that is in the docker-workdir folder then doesn’t have the doap:license line.

Am I missing something?

@Pranciskus @Giedrius any thoughts on this post?

@jtemple967 the best approach would be to submit a pull request to this repo (lv2-data-creative-commons/mod-audio-to-cv.ttl at master · moddevices/lv2-data-creative-commons · GitHub) containing updated *.ttl info form here (GitHub - moddevices/mod-cv-plugins: Control Voltage Plugins). Hopefully, it gets merged.

PR created. Hopefully they will merge.

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