[Plugins] Build errors using the patchstorage-lv2-builder

A topic dedicated to the patchstorage-lv2-builder issues and errors.

So I was working through the plugin folders and tried to build guitarix-gxtuner. When running the build it’s failing because it’s missing glibmm-2.4. Since this is a docker image I’m assuming I need to install the missing dependency in the docker image, right? If so, how do I do that?

Tonight I’m trying to build the plugins in the guitarix-labs folder. I’m getting the following error during compile:
Build failed:
→ task failed (err #1):
{task: cxx gxamp.cpp → gxamp_8.o}
→ task failed (err #1):
{task: cxx gxamp_stereo.cpp → gxamp_stereo_13.o}

There doesn’t seem to be any other error related messages in the output.

All of the plugins are built by the buildroot build system, every dependency library gets cross compiled and installed within a buildroot root folder, the host OS libraries are not getting used for the builds. This should be fixed by updating the configurations scripts, or making sure the correct paths are getting set for building the plugin, if the lib is already there.

I plan to go through any build issues in a single batch, it’d be great if you could write up a consolidated list of plugins that require fixing.

@Giedrius I can certainly do that and will post any issues that I find in this thread. I would suggest waiting until I’ve gone through all of the Guitarix plugins and do those as a batch.

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most of the mod-plugin-builder labs packages contain plugins that dont have a gui, I maybe wouldn’t bother with them too much.

@protectorate I actually didn’t dig that far into them, I just tried building the plugins as a whole. Thanks for the tip, I will ignore anything that doesn’t have a GUI.

Distrho ports labs has OBXD.lv2 though GUI:less, you can download the gui from here(GitHub - spunktsch/OBXD-mod-gui) and paste it to .lv2 folder. One of the best synths for the mod atm imo.

@Giedrius I worked my way through all the Guitarix plugins and the only ones that didn’t compile were the ones I mentioned in the guitarix-labs folder. Looking through that folder I think they were all present in another folder in the builder package so I don’t think there’s anything to do with that folder.

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