PiSound with Raspberry Pi 4

This is excellent news. I look forward to placing my order asap. RP4 + PiSound in 2020…

Will there be recommendations on cooling solutions to use with the pi 4 and pisound? I hear cooling is really important on the pi 4.


Since pisound-btn version 1.11, there’s a new menu in sudo pisound-config for making it easy to manage the software workaround for reboots on Pi 4 and checking whether your Pisound version has a hardware workaround for the power supply design change in Raspberry Pi 4 (since Pisound hardware version v1.1):

Once Pisound is back in stock, they’ll be the v1.1 ones.

You can get the latest version of pisound-btn by running:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install pisound-btn

Question, is there a command line way to trigger the workaround now, so we don’t have to manually do this through a menu?

You can enable it this way:

sudo sed 's/.*/& sdhci.debug_quirks2=4/' /boot/cmdline.txt -i

And disable it using this:

sudo sed 's/ sdhci.debug_quirks2=4//' /boot/cmdline.txt -i

It’s how it’s done in the config source code.

Cool, so same way I’ve been doing already. Wasn’t sure if there was a command line for the pisound utility. :slight_smile:

using pi4 with old pisound + fanshim.
installed the fanshim software.
but using the automatic script, conflicts with pisound.

… I am not expert in this fiel, but it seems, that pisound button and fanshim button conflict.
Do you have an idea how to use an auto-script together with pisound?

Hi all, I just ordered the new Pisound and the new case for my RPi 4 and have been wondering whether overheating will be a problem, even with the new case.
I’ve been trying out the new patchos, running ORAC from one SD card and MODEP on another, and it all works perfectly fine, just that the processor does tend to heat up quite a bit. I hope it is within a tolerable temperature for the hardware, but can anybody confirm that for me?
I’m still using the original white and red RPi 4 case, and it cools down nicely with the fan I have (kinda) fixed over the processor… But when the new Pisound and case arrives I’d like to be sure that it doesn’t all go chernobyl on me… So, would a simple dissipator be enough or would somebody recommend an internal fan?
Thanks! Rick

The beta version Pisound with the DC jack provides power to the Raspberry Pi, so you should only power the system up through the DC jack.