Pisound Triple-Click WiFi!


Hey guys,

We’re excited to announce a new action for pisound’s button! Running the usual install commands from http://blokas.io is enough to update!

Triple-clicking it will reconfigure the WiFi of RPI3 board to behave as an Access Point (a.k.a. Wireless Router), as well as start ‘touchosc2midi’ monitor which will be ready to listen and forward MyOsc data as MIDI to other software such as puredata.

By default, the AP will appear as ‘pisound’, and the default password is ‘blokaslabs’ (without quotes). You can change the name and password by modifying /usr/local/etc/pisound/hostapd.conf Keep in mind that this file gets backed up and overwritten after reinstalling the pisound-btn software.

The default IP address of RPI3 is which you can use for ssh, VNC or wireless OSC / MIDI data! That means that you can easily interact with your system using just your laptop or phone, no more wires apart from power supply is needed! And it gets better, if the LAN cable is connected to RPI3, it will share the Internet with the connected devices.

Triple-clicking again will revert to regular WiFi behavior.

For more information see https://github.com/BlokasLabs/pisound/commits/master


Hi. I just started to work with pisound and the first hurdle seem to be the triple click AP mode. I does not work. Is there a AP trouble guide somewhere? Thanks


Hey, which OS image are you running? Did you run the install-pisound.sh script successfully? Which Raspberry model are you using?


Hi Giedrius. Thanks for your fast reply. I am using a pi3 / onboard wifi with the latest raspbian. I am not sure why it did not work in the beginning but now after some fideling and restarts AP mode works great.


Enjoy! :slight_smile: We’ll try to reproduce the issue on a fresh setup and see whether we can improve something there.


Thought I’d add my experience with the triple click WiFi
First the clicks require to be pretty rapid, or they may be interpreted as single ones.
Secondly, initially it wouldn’t work. This was because I already had Wifi set up in wpa_supplicant.conf for auto connection, and this stopped the script from starting the access point correctly. The solution was to clear out the wpa_supplicant.conf network information I had added so that on startup WiFi was NOT automatically connected to my existing wireless hub. Then the triple click got the access point going correctly.

The pisound is a great bit of kit. I’ve just ordered a second one!

Wi-fi hotspot suddenly stopped working
Anyone on Liine Lemur and Pisound?

Thanks. That fixed it.


My pisound also doesn’t put out any wifi hotspot with triple button clicks…
i have edited wpa_supplicant.conf as blank file as advised above. however, triple button click doen’t work…
any help is appreciated.
my pisound is up to date


Hi, does the WiFi interface appear if you’re using MODEP image? There it should be on by default after flashing the image.

What is the Raspberry Pi you are using?