PISound Schematic

Is a schematic of the PISound available?
or at the very least a run down of what header pins attach to which devices. I am trying to hoop up my PISound to an ESP32 (I have an ESP32-S3 board with a RPI header). It should work easily as it has all the required buses. This would be very valuable information to people trying to tinker with this board.

Please keep the responses to information availability rather than an argument about my usage of an ESP32, thanks.

@adebear Welcome to the Blokas community!

I believe this page should answer your question: General - Pisound Documentation

Thank you for your reply, however that page doesn’t really go into any specifics about which pins are assigned what roles on the PISound board.
I want to know such things as, what is the SPI bus being used for (ie what chip is it talking to) what GPIO’s are connected to which chips, that what a Schematic is really useful for.

A Schematic gives tinkers such as myself freedom to connect this board to anything we want rather than have to painstakingly try and trace each pin ourselves!

I would love to support any open project, but to be honest, I would rather design my own board and open source it than support yet another piece of closed source electronics!

The schematics are not open source, however, you can find the used pins here, as well as make sense of what they’re used for based on the device tree overlay and the kernel module.

The SPI CS used is 0 (CE0).

This should give you enough information to know which pins and buses are still available to connect additional things to.

Thank you I will work with that I guess.

Can I ask, why are the Schematics are not available? It just creates way more work for people that want to use it with other platforms.

@adebear I don’t work for Blokas so this is just my opinion on the matter.

If the schematics were publicly available then you would start seeing knock-offs of their device available online. I’m sure the staff at Blokas spent much time and money developing PiSound so releasing that would put that revenue potential from PiSound in danger.