Pisound + powerbank

I’m trying to build a portable pisound on pi4b setup and since I’m a beginner to the pi world I stupidly bought myself a pijuice then discovered after the fact that due to both hats using some of the same GPIO pins I couldn’t use both hats simultaneously, I’m now looking for a usb powerbank to run the device, any recommendations? I’ve heard the anker powercore 20100 can deliver enough output but from what I’ve researched it seemed to max out at roughly 3.5A on a single USB port, will this be sufficient? Is there a better option?

Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated, thank you all in advance, pisound is a wonderful product!

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It depends on how many devices (like USB) you want to connect to the system, but generally >= 2.5A power capability should be good enough. Maybe it could work well even down to 2.0A.

I’m about to embark on a similar journey. If you figure out a good solution I’d love to know.

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This works fine for me, I don’t seem to be able to plug anything into the second USB port on the power bank whilst it’s powering the pi without causing the pi to shutdown so for my project unfortunately I’m going to have to use two power banks, and I need to add an on/off switch between the power bank and pi, but it works fine. Good luck!

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Thanks. Ill also be plugging a midi controller into a USB port, so I’m assuming I’ll also need a 2nd supply. Thanks again.