Pisound @ pi400

pisound works very well with the pi400, but a special case was needed:

here we go :slight_smile:
my new renoise machine


That looks very nice :slight_smile: Do you connect the Pisound via male <-> female ribbon cable?

no, made a adapter-pcb, cause the ribbon cable don’t work (4,8V at pisound side, think the wires are to thin for the power-rail).

Can we see just the pcb connector? did you make a case?

i will make a picture next days, but its really not space science.

do you mean i made the housing? yes i crafted to AL-sheets for top and bottom, The sides are still open now , i need to mill something out of pmma etc. , cause i forgot the LEDs

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Interesting, maybe it was the particular cable, we’re using 40cm ribbon cable when testing Pisounds without an issue. :slight_smile: