Pisound\Pi network issue

Hello there,
I am having issues with my pisound/pi not connecting to my wifi. It is 2.4Ghz so no problems on that part. I actually got it to work multiple times, allowing me to update and download stuff etc. as well as use VNC. However it is not working every time. Anybody had this issue before? How can I solve it?


Hey, what is the output of this command:

sudo iwlist wlan0 scan

Are you using some enclosure on the system? Just in case, metallic ones absorb the radio energy, so it may inhibit WiFi or Bluetooth signals.

Is the signal strong enough, or is there many WiFi’s in your area? If so, try changing the WiFi channel your router is using, in case it is conflicting with someone else’s WiFi.

In general, most of the Linux WiFi troubleshooting information you can find on the Internet applies to Raspberry Pi as well.

I was able to solve the issue:
Number one: Probably I was using the button and enabling the wifi hotspot, which I believe disables wifi connection to my local network. I disabled the button action as well as the wifi hotspot.

Number two: I added a wifi adapter to my Raspberry Pi. Now it has two wlans. Not sure if that is ideal, but it solved the issue both are connected to my local network right now.