Pisound on openSUSE Tumbleweed on RaspberryPi


I’m new to this community forum, owning a Pisound card since 2 years or so, and until now running it on Patchbox OS or the raspiOS Buster and now Bullseye 32bit, with addd blokas software PPA. I got curious about 64bit support but couldn’t find anything working so far.

Recently I found out that openSUSE Tumbleweed has developed a lot over the last year or so since I last tried, and there are a few image variants for aarch64, like KDE, LXQt etc. I was bold and tried the KDE appliance on my RPi4 with Pisound and found it runs astonishingly well and smooth, alas with no sound whatsoever. For some reason builtin sound seems to work for RPi3 only, and Pisound driver was missing.

So I tried to carve out the pisound kernel driver from the raspberry linux tree/5.17.y branch, to build it for openSUSE, and it was easier than expected to turn that into a kernel module package. Installed that and it works great, so if that’s of interest to anyone reading here, here’s the link with instructions how to add my repo and install the driver:


I wonder if this indeed is the latest version of the driver or there is a better place to grab it from, and want to lift my package upstream to become part of “official” Tumbleweed.

Cheers, Edgar

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You may find the sources of the Pisound kernel module and device tree overlay here:

The latest version is always at the same path, you should check whichever branch is currently the main one on the https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/ repository.

I checked and indeed the version I had copied was the latest :slight_smile:
As for the overlay, I’ll leave that to openSUSE’s kernel package.

Thanks for explaining, anyways!

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