piSound no longer connects to midi ports

Hello! I have not used my pisound in a while, but last time I used it, the midi objects in puredata recognized my midi controller, which was connected to the DIN jacks. Now I can’t get pure data to speak with these jacks. I’ve done a variety of tests and I’m getting nothing on the output or input. Last time I used it (about 1.5 years ago), it was set up really well, so I’m a bit averse to tinkering too much, being worried that I might mess something up. Any suggestions?


Check if the ALSA MIDI connections are set up properly - run PD as you usually do, and then run this command in a terminal:

aconnect -lio

Paste the output here so we can take a look.

By default, you have to manually set up the virtual MIDI connections between software instances and hardware using aconnect, aconnectgui or patchage. However, launching patches via the Pisound button tries to automatically connect all MIDI ports to the Pure Data MIDI ports. Also, we have amidiauto installed by default on Patchbox OS, so it automatically connects all software and hardware ports together, as well as any manually specified connections in its config file.

I haven’t used my pisound in 1.5 years, but last time I used it, the midi jacks were accessible from pure data. now, while pure data does say it’s opening the alsa jacks, I can’t get any of the normal connectivity through the different midi objects. Any ideas on why this isn’t working anymore, and what I can do to resolve it?

I’ve moved the above comment that was made on ‘Pisound Docs’ here, so it’s all in the same thread. :slight_smile:

thanks for the fast reply! Here’s what -lio gets me:

client 0: 'System' [type=kernel]
    0 'Timer           '
    1 'Announce        '
client 14: 'Midi Through' [type=kernel]
    0 'Midi Through Port-0'
client 20: 'pisound' [type=kernel,card=1]
    0 'pisound MIDI PS-39G4P99'
client 128: 'pisound-ctl' [type=user,pid=1158]
    0 'pisound-ctl     '
client 129: 'Pure Data' [type=user,pid=1769]
    0 'Pure Data Midi-In 1'
    1 'Pure Data Midi-Out 1'

Try running:

aconnect 20:0 129:0
aconnect 129:1 20:0

and see if it makes it work again.

That solved it! Thanks so much. I’m psyched to have it up and running. any tips as to how I messed this up, or what I can do to avoid it --or is this just something that can happen from time to time?

You either used to start the patch through the Pisound App, or the button, which set up these connections for you, or you’re missing amidiauto on your system. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually set these connections up every time you restart PD.

that’s it. I used the button before, but was doing some “figuring out what I was doing before” type of developing with a vnc viewer. that explains it:) thanks again

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