Pisound missing from default sound card, error -22

HI Guys

I have just updated my pisound. When I re run the wizard, pi sound is not coming up as an option for the default sound card. When I run dmesg, im getting error -22

I have re installed the Patchbox OS a few times and on different raspberry pis and keep getting the same problem.

Any ideas how to fix this?

What do you mean by you updated your Pisound? Was it working before?

Hi Giedrius

Yes it was working the last time I was using it a few weeks ago. I ran the update from the patchbox menu and then ran the firmware update. Both ran correctly with no errors

Which firmware update did you run? We haven’t released any such updates for Pisound in a very long while.

im after realising it was an old update from a few years ago :face_with_peeking_eye: but I thought the update was a recent one ( via google search ). The pi sound however wasn’t being picked up before I ran the firmware update. It had stopped working after the update via the patchbox option with error 22

So you mean the Pisound worked fine both, before and after, the firmware update? Did you upgrade the firmware using the info on GitHub - BlokasLabs/pisound-firmware: This repository contains firmware for Pisound boards. ?

Can you post the dmesg log here? (Just run dmesg and copy the entire output or run dmesg > dmesg.log to store it in a file and upload here)

When I switched on the pisound yesterday, I went and did an update first via the patchbox menu, then I ran the wizard again to set it up as new and that’s when the pisound wasn’t being detected

Here is the link to the dmesg log ( the system wouldn’t let me copy it in as it was to long )

Could you try performing the firmware update again and post all the commands & output you get?

Yes I will try it again this evening and post all the commands and outputs

I reflashed pisound and this was the output

Firmware flash output

I rebooted and ran dmesg

dmesg output

[    8.898779] pisound: 	Serial:           PS-2H25NSH
[    8.898788] pisound: 	Firmware Version: 1.03
[    8.898794] pisound: 	Hardware Version: 1.0
[    8.898800] pisound: 	Id:               1e93153155303939330c2534

Looks like it works fine now :slight_smile:

Yep all back working now, I was able to select Pisound in the setup wizard again. Thanks a mill for you help!

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