Pisound metal case

Hi there,

I am new here … I have a quick question : does anyone know where I can get a metallic case for the Pisound sorta similar to the Midihub ??


Hey! Keep in mind that metallic enclosures interfere with WiFi and Bluetooth signals, that’s why we’ve opted to go with acrylic. :slight_smile: We haven’t seen anyone make a custom metallic case yet.

ah that’s right I didn’t think of that hmm

@oootini has made a custom metal enclosure. Take a look here: Pisound board dimensions - pcb board art Though it’s unclear what kind of impacts the enclosure has on WiFi and Bluetooth range. :slight_smile:

I cut a nice big hole around the site of the pi antennaes, and haven’t noticed any degradation of bluetooth or wifi.

+1 for a proper metal case though!

pisound needs a rugged guitar pedal style enclosure. I bet it would make the product way more desirable if there was a swish case like the midihub available.