PiSound Import Duty - Any idea how much?

I’d like to buy a Pisound card and case. I’m in the UK :scream: :scream: (for various reasons)

Does anyone have a feel for the import duty/tax on these items? Alternatively is there a shop in the UK that sells them?

Usually there’s some sort of threshold of the order value, (excluding shipping cost I think), over which duties apply. You should find out what’s the threshold in UK right now, it could happen that a Pisound and a Case are below the threshold and wouldn’t get taxed, but do double check with your latest local laws. :wink:

Thanks. True, I was kinda hoping that someone had done it already and tested the system :smile:

I live in the UK and ordered a PiSound + Case on the 19th January. Amazingly it arrived via UPS on the 20th January and I did not have to pay any additional duty/taxes.


Thank you! That’s what I wanted to hear. I thought the might be something to pay and that’s fair enough, just a problem when it’s an unknown.

OK, pisound ordered today. I’ll report back what happens, which may help other potential customers.

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It arrived today, so just less than a week, including delays, which is pretty good. No extra taxes to pay.

All up and running, thank you. The case fitted together nicely. Imagine - a raspberry pi case that fits first time, unheard of :smile:

The only tiny thing is that it came with 7 little screws rather than 8. Yes, I could be wrong and missed one, but I was pretty careful. Not a showstopper anyway.

I was pleased there was enough room for the little heatsink set I have on this RPi4. Without a fan it seems to be running at ~66C rather than ~40C but I guess that’s OK.

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We’ll just send you the last missing screw by post, same shipping address? :slight_smile:

Btw, could you show us a photo of your fan setup? Do you have a link to the fan product page?

That’s kind, although seems a bit OTT for one tiny screw :smile:

Re fan - I have no fan on the pisound case. Previously this RPi was in a case with the fan running off the GPIO pins as they usually are. I assume a fan can’t be powered while in the pisound case, as there’s no way to power it. I might think about putting some more vent holes in, but I’ll see how it goes first.

Oh right, I misread. :slight_smile: Do you know the dimensions or product page of the heatsink you used? :slight_smile:

They are the ones that came with a case like this below. A set of four, about 5mm tall I think.


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Re fans, there is this possibility, but it’s hard to tell from the photo whether the connector is slim enough to use with the pisound board connected.

Might be, but the spec also says it uses pin BCM18 to control the fan, which may conflict with other devices.