Pisound for analog Inputs on RPI in Kodi/OSMC


Hi there,

I am newbie to all things RPi. I have done lots of reading and am constantly learning by doing.

I just ordered my Pisound as an AD/DA Converter for my RPi 3B+ media player.
OS is OSMC (Debian Jessie based) running Kodi.
The RPi is up and running. Even though I am a musician I want to use it strictly for Hi-Fi and Video.
Its connected to two Klein&Hummel O98 Speakers (analog out) and a TV (HDMI) .
What I want to do:

  • Build Media Player for streaming Audio and Video from NAS
  • Stereo Input for turntable ( I will take care of the phono preamp myself)
  • Input selection by hardware button / app / or dedicated remote control
  • Quality DA
  1. Will Pisound work with OSMC/Kodi?
  2. How is input selection done? Or is it mixed?
  3. Can volume be set by kodi (remote app or dedicated remote control)?
  4. What software do I need for controling and configuring - something like Pavucontrol maybe?

I apologize for any stupid questions in advance and appreciate any help.

Best regards


Hey, it does work with OSMC / Kodi, and Pavucontrol was necessary to get it working, see Pisound + Kodi?

Pisound appears to the OS as an ALSA capture and playback device (usually hw:1,0, specifying hw:pisound should work too), so it should be usable with all modern Linux audio applications.

I haven’t used OSCM / Kodi much, so I can’t comment on 2 and 3. :slight_smile:


That was fast…:-)…Thank you

I have read your linked thread. It was pretty much the only one I found mentioning Pisound and Kodi.
Thnaks for your answers over there as well…:slight_smile:

I just found a screenshot of Pavucontrol and it looks like the input devices tab is a mixer.
If so I would only have to mute the analog inputs when not in use.
I hope this can be implemented in the yet to be determined remote control.

Best regards