piSound Dev Resources: LADSPA PLugins

LADSPA is a plug-in API that allows for the addition of digital filters or other signal-processing plug-ins in the Linux audio path.

Pure Data already had a “plugin~” external that will load these files [with a little programming :wink: but fear not
We’ve taken care of that for you too.

by going to a terminal and typing

sudo apt-get install tap-plugins

it should add all the other libraries that you need to run the patches i have been making. The most exciting one for me is


It lets you load IR files [Impulse Responses] which simulate the room that they were recorded in and with convolution let you drive your voice, sound etc, through that room sound. it works great and it one of the joys of computer “reverb” sounds.

that is cool, thanks a lot for sharing!
Is using TAP reverb much better than using the bsaylor partconv~ external?

It actually uses that for the convolution but the plugin loads taps to load the IR files and you will get 70 different room sounds