Pisound case for rpi5 and fan


I just make a case for the pisound to fit the RPi5 with the fan. I have to re-draw the original version in fusion 360 because I can’t achieve to import the SLDASM file. I added label on the case and ventilation ports too.
You just need a RPi headers between the RPi and the Pisound.
I will share it through thingiverse in the future.
Should I specify something for the copyright or whatever?


I love it! If you’re willing to share I would just need to find someone with a 3d printer!

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Here it is!

I don’t make the 4 spacers, instead of 25mm you will need a length of 40mm.
I don’t use them on this version and it is ok. But if someone can told precisely what is the screw thread size I can design it.

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@jejeremy what size GPIO extension did you use? Would you be able to link to the exact part you ordered? I’m actually having someone 3d print the case locally!

I live in switzerland, then I order this:

But I think this one should work:

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If anyone wants to order the stacking header in the US they have the same thing at Adafruit:

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Got mine printed today!

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I’m actually having 2 different people print this. One I got for free and another im paying for. I might ultimately drill some holes in the side and use self tapping screws to go into the holes where the plastic tabs go. I already broke one off.

Hey all! The guy that printed mine locally also broke off the 2 small tabs on the side panel that goes into the box. He wound up printing 3 because of this so he has 2 spares that are missing one or more of the tabs. I am going to drill out the tabs on the side panel and just use 2 screws to attach the side panel to the box.

If anyone is interested in getting one of the spares let me know and I will put you in touch with him.