Pisound Campaign: 72 Hours Left

There are less than 72 hours left until the end of our campaign If you know someone who would be interested in getting Pisound for a lower price it’s the best time to let them know. Visit Indiegogo Campaign.

Progress Updates

We have been really busy working on delivering the stretch goals and finally, we have some tangible progress updates!

Mobile App - Watch Video

For the earliest prototype of the mobile app we focused on the main and most difficult part of the application which also makes up the bulk of the functionality - getting a list of available patches from a service running on Raspberry Pi, launching the patches and getting the output from Pure Data forwarded to the mobile screen. The next steps will involve polishing the user interface, porting the app to iOS and rigorous testing of the software, so it works in live and studio scenarios as reliably as possible.

MODEP - Watch Video

Even though we have just reached the LV2 stretch goal, we have already prepared an exciting project for you to try out with Pisound - an LV2 plugins host by MOD Devices ported for use with Pisound. We call it MODEP. There are already 144 LV2 plugins available to play around with, and we have customized The Button to enable switching straight to the desired pedalboard. See docs for more information on the project.

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for our future updates! Any questions or feedback? Chat with us at https://community.blokas.io