Pisound as dac for fates

I got fates running headless on a rpi 3b+ with a usb interface as the sound card. I’m using TouchOSC as a grid and encoder control. I’m using an ndi mod with a paid phone app as a screen. Works great but I’m wondering if I could use my pisound instead of a usb interface? I don’t have much knowledge in this realm but I’ve made it this far so it’s something at least. Here’s a picture of my setup. (Also for the record I have a Norns Shield and I use my pisound with Orac but I thought I’d check about pisound with fates.

Hi, I can’t answer your question but I am curious about your setup.
How did you achieve that ? Do you have more details ?

You probably could, audio cards are abstracted by ALSA on Linux, so you would just have to figure out how to configure the software to use Pisound instead.

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